2014 Line Up



Amanda Mo(Swaziland) 


 R&B, pop and soul are the genres you can use to classify Amanda’s sound.  Amanda is determined to build a solid career in the music industry.  Her hard work, stage presence and vocal performance saw her win the Sibebe Friday Night Live series and clinch a spot to perform at this year’s MTN bushfire. 

BDI(South Africa)


The B.D.I is a larger than life performance art collective operational since 1995. Their work has been chalked on pavements and shown in galleries, with many street shows that have astounded, bemused and even caught fire...Expect the unexpected.



Mbongiseni Ngubane also known as Bholoja is an International Musician who believes in pursuing God given talent. This afro soul artist, writer and composer, hailing from the Kingdom of Swaziland, believes that Music is not about making money or fame but a calling.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY6R5ivW0UU)


Bongo Maffin(South Africa)


Bongo Maffin was formed in 1996, starting as a project of South African deejay Oscar.  The group was one of the biggest breakout groups of the 90s with major hits like “That’ Isghubu” “The Way Kungkhona” .The group’s music is firmly rooted in the rhythms of house music, but incorporates a variety of musical influences that gives the group its distinct & recognisable African sound.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IG-QxWeXfU)



Christine Salem (Reunion)


Christine is one of the rare feminine voices of maloya with a strong and charismatic personality. Accompanied on a kayanm (her favourite instrument) Christine’s voice seems to float as she sings in Creole, Malagasy, Comoran or Swahili, mixing with subtlety music from the Indian Ocean with African rhythms. The singing that follows is the sum of those contradictions, a very deep voice in a woman’s body, texts of anger on trance-like music or lamenting over furious rhythms. Above all, it is an invented language where onomatopoeia mingles with Creole, Arabian , Malagasy, and Swahili accents.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaOhq_6LKC


Dan Patlansky(South Africa) 


What Dan Patlansky can do with a six-string Fender Stratocaster at the age of 30, most critically acclaimed guitarists will never quite achieve in a lifetime. Dan Patlansky is a conglomerate of charisma, charm and musical genius – and all of this comes wrapped up in an unassuming, startlingly attractive package that bespeaks his Judeo-Spanish heritage.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTYC5v5zVd8)


Derek Gripper(South Africa)


The extraordinary feat of Derek’s recording can only be imagined when one considers that this music was originally composed for and played on the kora, a 21 string African harp-lute, one of Africa’s most beautiful and complex instruments. UK’s top world music  publication Songlines Magazine called the album ”a staggering achievement,” selecting the recording as a Top of the World album in March 2013.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIMrWc9Ic9s)


DJ Dwayne Kapula(Zimbabwe)


DJ Dwayne Kapula is also a co-founder of Chimurenga Mov’menta, a collective of Johannesburg based creatives that focus on promoting and showcasing Pan African music especially to young Africans & unfamiliar audiences. His sets of late focus on Chimurenga, which is a major indigenous sound popularised by the likes of Jona Sithole and Robson Banda.




Daniel Eppel (AKA Eppelsauce) was born in Joburg and grew up in Memphis, TN and schooled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He is now based in Cape Town, where he works as a composer/music producer and DJ.  His sets are always high energy and drenched with soul. He covers a wide variety of genres during his sets, from Latino Electronic sounds to Afro beat.   




Floewe, whose real name is Fikile Dhladhla was born and bred in Swaziland, is one of the most gifted vocalists and composers. Floewe started out as a vocalist for hip hop group Vamoose and she went solo in 1999, releasing her RnB album called “Be My Friend”.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYCUnoeH8Jo)


Fuel Fandango(Spain)


Fuel Fandago is a duo composed of  Ale Acosta, who is a dj and producer,  and Nita a singer, who’s style of singing is derived from “copla” and “flamenco” The duo describe their music as “organic dance songs” When on stage, they are joined by drummer Carlos Sosa, which adds another dynamic to their performances.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spt6RBmqM-E)


Imperial Tiger Orchestra (Switzerland)


The Imperial Tiger Orchestra is named after the Imperial Bodyguard Band of the Haile Selassie era. It was formed after a jam organized by Genevan trumpet player Raphaël Anker.The band has released three albums and played in Europe, Southern Africa and Ethiopia.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2mII6eibk)


Kiwi & The Papaya Mangoes(Japan)

This is Tokyo downtown rare groove!  KPM is at the forefront of the new style Japanese dance music in and around Tokyo.  Their sound embraces major tropical influences and they’ve played at a variety of venues around the world. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb9SGt3-o4E)




La 33 is a group from Bogota, Colombia. The Name refers to a name of a street in Bogota, where the band resides.Their sound is salsa that is infused with boogaloo, jazz and Colombian folklore.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlP03F-rYtg)


Ladysmith Black Mambazo(South Africa)


2014 has been a year of milestones for Ladysmith Black Mambazo, they celebrate over 50 years of joyous &uplifting music and in January 2014, they won the Grammy for Best World Music Album. The acappella vocal group has created a musical and spiritual sound that has touched a worldwide audience. Their musical efforts over the past five decades have garnered praise and accolades from a wide body of people, organizations and countries.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFQ1TSzdpRA)




Mokoomba are a young, exciting band formed in 2007 in Zimbabwe. They use traditional and modern instruments to create a vibrant sound that is full of rhythms & embraces the diverse music cultures of Southern Africa.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqZdaVNOHj0)


MUZART(South Africa)


Muzart burst onto the scene with the infectious “Jukebox” and made us love the jukebox as well. The group consists of five members and all five having shared the stage with the likes of Sipho'Hotstix' Mabuse, Zama Jobe and Dr Malinga in the past, which may explain why their music sounds so mature. MuzArt’s music has the power to make an impression upon your mood.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YpQttkoonM)


Nomadic Wax Collective(USA) 

ft. Mozaik,Qibho,Diba Diba&KrTc(SD)


Nomadic Wax Collective is a super group made up of some of New York’s finest artists and educators. Drawing from hip hop, jazz, and global music influences, they create something fresh and new from a palette of international styles that come together to create an authentic, distinct & contemporary hip hop feel.(http://vimeo.com/57574593)

Nomsa M(Swaziland) 


Nomsa M, is an African traditional Jazz/pop artist who has been performing in the local music industry for 10 years now. She has worked with many local artists including Masikane, Zaza, Nomalungelo and Itallo as a backup singer until 2011 when she began her solo career.


Oliver Mtukudzi(Zimbabwe)


Tuku(as he is affectionately and respectfully known by his many fans), the “soul-dripping voice of Zimbabwe’ as he has so aptly been described, has a career that has spanned fourty years, and is only now reaching its peak. He has an amazing body of work with no less than sixty original album releases (nearly all of them best-sellers). Tuku’s enduring popularity is due to his lyrical prowess, his songs focus on social and economic issues that affect people’s day to day lives but have a sense of humour and optimism that prevails throughout all his music (www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qsQ0obVklI)




Pedro uses workshops and stories to introduce children and adults to the magic world of music. The instruments that Pedro makes and plays on stage are from all over the continent and they follow the African principle of making use of whatever materials are at hand.


Pele Pele(Swaziland)


The Multi Award winning internationally acclaimed PelePele Cultural Group, was started in 2003 by Larry Mhlanga in Swaziland Mbabane as a Swazi Marimba band. “PELEPELE”,literally translated as “CHILLI”, is a multidisciplinary music and dance production that brings together various art forms including the theatre, dance, music, film.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk6CvZywMpI)


Qibho & Sands(Swaziland)


Qibho and Sands is a tripartite collective of young, vibrant and dynamic Swazi musicians consisting of Qibho Intalektual, Sands and Bandile. They fuse hip hop with soul/rnb to create a very fresh, authentically homegrown sound.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG3xJET-a8M)


Red Five Point Star(Slovenia)


Red Five Point Star was started in 1998, and it was originally a teenage punk/rock trio that began to mix a variety of sounds like reggae, ska, swing, rockabilly elements into their sound this is what led to the now leading Slovenian 7-pack band.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4yOp-SmomA&feature=youtu.be)


Sigauque Project(Mozambique)


With musical influences spanning across the continent, the music of Maputo-based Sigauque Project takes most audiences by surprise. From a new take on Marrabenta to Senegalese Mbalak and Nigerian Afro Beat, with some smooth sounding jazz thrown in the mix, the band is a pan-African musical journey on stage.(www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQTIH79KhaE)

Simian Lord(UK)


Preferring to be called "selectah" rather than DJ, the Lord's musical meanderings have brought him into contact with reggae, dub, ska, hip hop, trip hop, jungle, blues, funk and Afro beat. 

Spoek Mathambo presents Fantasma (South Africa)


Fantasma are a diverse set of South African musicians comprising of Afro-futurist artist Spoek Mathambo, traditional Zulu instrumentalist Bhekisenzo Cele, forefather of Bacardi House sound DJ Spoko and psychedelic rock guitarist Andre Geldenhuys.  Hailing from varying cities and backgrounds, the foursome pull together their individually unique sounds to create something fresh and innovative (https://soundcloud.com/spoekmathambo)


Swazi Djs


 Dj Lolo, Dj Muscle, Dj Cybos and Dj Sabz will be on the decks representing Swaziland. Their sets cover every music genre from old school hip-hop to Deep House/Electro.  Expect unique styles of mixing, a hypnotic cross-over of music styles and a great party overall. 

Tonik(South Africa) 


TONIK have revolutionized a live concert experience by refining the very art of it in a simple and intimate way. With professional AKG wireless headphones a musical duet of Piano, Rhodes, Live Loops, FX and Tabla, Percussion, Didgeridoo a silent gig can take place in the most interesting and unconventional venues. 


 Uhuru(South Africa)


Uhuru is the four-man producer's collective behind some of the past year’s biggest African-house club tracks. Uhuru has injected the house genre with a fresh & rhythmic sound that is deeply rooted in its tribal influence.(www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SESe7M9XtY)

 Under Kontrol(France)


Human Beatboxing is an art that transcends language and culture. Under Kontrol is the first of its kind with a fully live beatboxing performance without any instruments. The show and tracks of the group are built around the universe of the effects and sounds produced by turntablism.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgUl2dgesy4)


Zambezi News(Zimbabwe)


Zambezi News is the breakthrough comedy series that has had audiences across the world in stitches. Irreverent, sarcastic and downright hilarious this is the news as you’ve always wanted it to be presented. A parody of a typical Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation news programme, Zambezi News satirizes the relentless propaganda and astounding journalistic ineptitude on state TV.(www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kv2bbzXJlI)

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