MTN Bushfire 2017 Schools’ Festival Applications Now Open!

MTN Bushfire is pleased to announce that the MTN Bushfire 2017 Schools’ Festival applications are now open. The MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival will take place on 22 May – 25 May 2017. Application forms are available at all Regional Education Offices and will be distributed to different schools in all parts of the country. Schools that wish to participate in the festival are invited to fill out application forms and submit them to House on Fire no later than the 13th of April 2017.



The MTN Bushfire High Schools’ Festival and the Primary Schools’ Festival, supported by MTN Bushfire and the European Union (EU), works towards providing sustainable access to the arts and developing a unique platform of creative expression and dialogue for young people in the country. The Schools’ Festival was created to counter the lack of a formal arts curriculum in public schools in Swaziland by presenting creative performances, work-shops, educational seminars and interactive outreach programmes for participants from primary schools, high schools as well as teachers throughout the country. It brings to light the importance of the arts and underlines the various ways of using arts education to empower students through knowledge, self-expression, comprehensive environmental education and individualized action.



The Theme

The MTN Bushfire 2017 Schools Festival is projected to be a four-day event that engages teachers and students through creative arts methodologies, including workshops and performances. This year, the Schools’ Festival focuses on Environmental Sustainability, which the “Bring Your Fire” theme for MTN Bushfire 2017. Each performance and facilitated workshop will have this at its core, and students will be encouraged to engage in this theme artistically through these workshops and performances. 



The programme of the Schools’ Festival is as follows:

Monday, 22 May: Teachers’ Workshop

The first day of the festival will be a ‘teachers and facilitators’ workshop oriented programme that highlights our commitment to creating a sustainable approach to arts education where participating teachers will be ultimately equipped with skills they can use throughout the academic year. 



Tuesday, 23 May: High Schools’ Workshop 

The second day will be a ‘student workshop programme’ that offers a full day of workshops for 150 high school students from across Swaziland, exposing them to the “many languages of the arts”, instilling confidence and inspiring creative self-expression. In addition to this, the full day of workshops aims to emphasise the importance of caring for our environment.  



Wednesday, 24 May: Primary Schools’ Open Day

The third day features the Primary Schools’ Open Day, sponsored by the European Union, which provides a forum for primary school children to share their creative talents and watch performances done by professional artists. There will be performances by children from selected schools and by professional performers. Practical workshops to include all children will form part of the whole day filled with fun and Bushfire experience.



Thursday, 25 May: High Schools’ Open Day

The fourth and last day of the Schools’ Festival hosts around 600 high school students from over 50 schools from across the country, opening up the High Schools’ Open Day to the most number of students possible. The day, led by facilitators, aims to show students the various ways of using the arts for creative expression, and to use the arts as a way to disseminate social behavioural change on a larger scale than the high schools’ workshop.

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To have your school participate download the application form here


MTN Bushfire Schools' Festival

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