Bhomisa- To Make or Cause to Explode

Bhomisa is a new publication that will be released by MTN BUSHFIRE and the Swazi Observer before and during this year’s festival. It will serve as the festival mouthpiece, programme and profile of the event. Additionally, Bhomisa as a conscious, creative paper will go some way to providing another platform for much needed expression in Swaziland.



The publication is being handled by Mbongeni Dlamini and will be released nationally with the Observer some days before Bushfire Festival, and will be made available free of charge at the festival itself.

Previous Bushfire Festivals saw the incorporation of Marimba Media as an ongoing workshop and collaboration in African journalism and expression.

“Marimba Media will publish African (and sometimes non-African) arts journalism that contributes to the interpretation of African artistic life, and is considered by the editors to represent the best of African writing, photography and podcast material of African arts.” (http://www.marimbamedia.net/about-us.html)

Bhomisa is inspired by and largely thanks to the Marimba Media, the Observer and Bushfire.

Featured articles:

Aside from profiles on performing artists such as Ayo, Micasa and Saul Williams, Bhomisa will feature articles on several socially inspired topics. Some of these are: African Humanism and Prophet LaNdwandwe’s philosophies around blends of indigenous knowledge systems and modernity; the role of festivals as platforms for creative expression; celebrity and creativity as social tools; and profiles on MTN BUSHFIRE’s sponsors and beneficiaries. Also, Bhomisa will address the unofficial cultural boycott and how it affects local audiences and practitioners.


Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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