and GUY BUTTERY (South Africa)


In 2009 Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla and Guy Buttery met for the first time, both having been chosen to perform in an African project called “Guitafrik”, a meeting of African´s best guitarists. Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla is lead guitarist and singer of the famous band Etran Finatawa, which has performed in over 44 countries.


 Guy’s debut album, When I Grow Up …, was nominated for Best instrumental Album of the year and Best newcomer for 2002 at the South African Music Awards as well as being the youngest nominee in the history of the event.

Supported by African Synergy and IFAS.

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B.D.I in various forms and guises have been pushing the edges of chaos and street performance since 1995. With their outlandish style of Carnival, Circus and Pyromania, expect the unexpected! B.D.I perform on the festival lawns throughout the festival weekend! 



BLACK MOTION (South Africa)


Black Motion blends DJ music with live percussion. The duo has already earned themselves a Channel O Music Award and three Metro FM Award nominations.

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BOKANI DYER (South Africa)


Bokani Dyer has established himself as one of South Africa’s Leading lights in the resurgence of Jazz; a versatile composer, pianist, and arranger, his work embraces South Africa’s musical tradition.

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Bomba Estéreowas founded in 2001 in Bogotá; Colombia. Their traditional Colombian music is often describedas "Electro tropical". They were selected as one of 25 best new bands in the world by MTV. Bomba Estereo performs courtesy of the Embassy of Colombia.

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CATCH THE RAIN (South Africa)


This unique father-and-daughter team, Ellis and Ceire Pearson both preform and created this experienced exponents of physical theatre. With humour and humanity they make the subject of water come alive in an interesting and innovative way. Their preference is to perform their 50-minute piece outdoors, creating a circle around which the audience gathers - like thirsty creatures around a water hole!



CHENY WA GUNE (Mozambique)


Cheny Wa Gune, is a Mozambican instrumentalist, singer and composer. His compositions blend modern music with Mozambican traditional sounds.  He is the co-founder of the Orchestra Timbila Muzimba which has performed in various venues around the world.

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A big brass sound for a festive occasion, the Correctional Services Brass Band is ready to “Bring Their Fire!”




DAVINA SATORI (South Africa)


Davina Satori is a DJ/producer on the Johannesburg scene, playing funk, afrobeat jazz and dubstep she has secured numerous residencies at popular clubs around the city.




EUPHONIK (South Africa)



Euphonik is one of South Africa's most successful dance DJs. Nominated for a  Metro FM award for Best Club DJ and being featured in the Mail & Guardian’s Top 300 young South Africans, Euphonik has scaled the ranks of DJ, producer and radio presenter.

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GCINA MHLOPHE (South Africa)


Nokugcina Elsie Mhlophe (born 1958) is a well-known South African freedom fighter, activist, actor, storyteller, poet, playwright, director and author. Storytelling is a deeply traditional activity in Africa and Mhlophe is one of the few woman storytellers in a country dominated by males. She does her most important work through charismatic performances, working to preserve storytelling as a means of keeping history alive and encouraging South African children to read. She tells her stories in four of South Africa’s languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa.

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HOPE MASIKE (Zimbabwe)


Musician by birth, fine artist by design and humanitarian by calling, Hope Masike is best known for her music. Her captivating, playful and experimental vocals combined with the sweet sound of modern mbira playing having earned her the title “Princess of Mbira”.

Supported by African Synergy and Prohelvetia.

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Jazz P & The Next Generation Band is a team of young professional artists straight from music school sporting fresh sounds of Hip-Hop-soul, afro-soul, ragga, roots reggae and blues.

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JEREMY LOOPS (South Africa)


Jeremy Loops is a modern day one-man folk band. Jeremy has embraced technology in all its illustrious forms and creates his finely woven tapestry of sounds using his Guitar, Ukulele, harmonica and beat-box skills. He runs this all through a gamut of loop pedals, echo and distortion units, which leaves a crowd quite literally awe-struck.

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KrTC (Swaziland)


KrTC won Swaziland’s Tihlabane Hip-Hop album of the year in 2010. KrTC has worked alongside American Rapper the Game, Blu Cantrell, Danny OG from Mozambique, WizKid and LIC from Nigeria.

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MASIKANE (Swaziland)


Masikane's sings traditional Swazi inspired songs. He came to prominence whilst recording his debut album titled 'Phela Viki'. This earned him the Swazi Traditional Music Award for Best siSwati Album in 2007.




DJ MIGHTY (South Africa)


One of Cape Town’s more prolific vinyl collectors, DJ Mighty just LOVES music! All shapes, all sizes, all sounds, all styles. From House to Jazz to Funk to Afro, Mighty spins it all together!




MIX N BLEND (South Africa)


Presenting one of the baddest horn sections in the country, in the form of Ross McDonald and Lee Thomson, Mix n’ Blend presents cutting edge visuals, live samplers and effects. Fronted by EJ von Lyrik and Crosby Bolani, Mix n’ Blend delivers everything from easy skanking reggae to dubstep.

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THE MUFFINZ (South Africa)


The SAMA nominated group The Muffinz is an urban indie jazz band, mixing up the beautiful sounds of light afro jazz, soul, pop, funk and a little touch of genius to create a new type of sound.

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MUZILATION (Mozambique)


This musician/singer and instrumentalist has played with Mozambique’s most celebrated artists including Ghorwane, Stewart Sukuma and Deodato Siquir. With his blend of Afro Jazz, traditional Mozambican rhythms and hip hop, Muzilation fuses a unique sound.


NAKHANE TOURE (South Africa)


Emerging guitarist Nakhane Toure has spent his time discovering and loving the music that his parents listened to. His influences include Marvin Gaye, The O’ Jays, Paul Simon and choral music. 

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Nathalie Natiembé, is a rebel with an energy that has earned her the nickname of “little punk of the Maloya.” Malyoya is one of the major genres of music from the Reunion islands.



JOY FREMPONG - OY (Ghana / Switzerland)


Drawing upon jazz, electronica and improvisation, Oy creates a matchless chemistry made up of kiddy-toy sounds, scraps of hip-hop, and various paeans of scat. Blending her voice with the mechanical utterances from samplers and other sound machines, Oy is inventing new and original sound!

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PEDRO THE MUSIC MAN (South Africa/ Spain)


Pedro is a performer, musician, composer and story-teller. He often performs at schools and festivals around the world. He has also created a Vuvuzela Orchestra, which created a link between music education and the Soccer World Cup.   






Pelepele Cultural group is gifted with multi-coloured, powerful cultural dances, intrepid voice and a talent in song writing. The group creates dances that reflect upon the daily life and unique culture of the people of Swaziland.

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PRAXIZ (Spain)


Praxiz is a hip-hop group from Valencia and Barcelona reinventing global hip-hop style. Praxiz is brought to MTN BUSHFIRE by the Embassy of Spain in Mozambique. 

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Rooted Soulz Poetry is Swaziland's premier poetry platform that is also a home for creative visual arts and music. Rooted Soulz influence has gone well beyond the local arena and has reached stages such as: Arts Alive(JHB), National Poetry Slam(Reunion Island), Culture France(Maputo), and Cup O’Thought(Durban). 

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Shangaan Electro is a street level dance phenomenon from South Africa that went global in 2010 on the back of a series of viral YouTube clips (2 million views) that introduced movers and shakers to this fast emerging dance genre.

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THE SOIL (South Africa)


The SAMA nominated group, The Soil, is a 4-member acapella singing sensation. Labelling themselves as ‘Kasi Soul’, the group’s music features an eclectic mix of jazz, pop and Afro-soul. 

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For fifteen years the four gentlemen of the Upper Austrian Spring String Quartet have been performing together in various concert halls in Austria, Europe and the USA. In doing so, they have been smashing all common clichés concerning string music and have redefined the artistic form of the classic string quartet. The Spring String Quartet ranks among the leading jazz-rock-classical-crossover string quartets of Europe.

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Named as an outstanding African artist by Billboard magazine, Stewart Sukuma, Mozambique’s celebrated musician, combines his passion for music with social activism. 

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DJ Cream (Swaziland)

Dj Cream started DJ-ying 8yrs ago at House on Fire. She has played in many African countries and Europe. She was also chosen to play at Women’s Month edition on Channel O and YFM.


DJ Cybos (Swaziland)

DJ Cybos has toured regionally and has performed alongside South Africa’s leading Dj’s and Artists. This is his Bush Fire debut, and has promised to turn up the heat


DJ Mixmash (Swaziland)

Mixmash has become a major household brand DJ. With already 3 appearances in the annual MTN BUSHFIRE festival, he commands a massive following due to his versatile sets.


DJ Ntombs (Swaziland)

Dj Ntombs, a veteran DJ of over 16 years specialising in old school music of all sorts. He has featured on radio stations like Metro FM and Ligwalagwala in South Africa, and campus radio in the USA.

DJ Peace (Swaziland)

For all commercial house music lovers the Master of the Funk is here!


DJ Tibza (Swaziland)

Deep Soulful House music spinner, DJ Tibza, has featured on Metro FM and continues to drive the iconic ESSENTIAL THURSDAYS@World Café.


Simian Lord (UK/Swaziland)

Simian Lord’s work is largely influenced by reggae, dub, ska, hip hop, trip hop, jungle, blues, funk and afro beat. He prefers to be referred to as a ‘selectah’, rather than DJ.




TANGA PASI (Zimbabwe)


Tanga Pasi’s purpose is to uplift and inspire positive change through music with songs such as “Be the Change”; “Birds of a Feather” and “Africa”. Their lyrics are mindful, their, harmonies soulful and their rhythms rock! Brought to you by Prohelvetia.





The Brother Moves On (TBMO) is a musical shape shifter, a Jozi-based  art and music collective. They bend the rules of performance art, fusing a fierce mix of post-folk rock, funk and psychedelic flare with theatrical storytelling.





THE LIONS (Swaziland)


With Iggy Pop-inspired performances, the Swazi rock band, The Lions, brings fire to the stage while front-man, Ninja, moves around in a trance-like state.





TONIK (South Africa)


Tonik is an integrated visual and auditory experience, created by the combined talents of Jann Krynauw and Ronan Skillen. The duo blends multiple textures which are looped and layered in real time and listened to through wireless headphones. 

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TOTI (Swaziland)


Toti successfully combine classical music with an African repertoire. Their passion and ability to merge musical genres make Toti a joy to listen to.  



 TOYA DELAZY (South Africa)


Opening for international Superstars Adam Lambert and Ne-Yo, Toya Delazy is South Africa’s hip-hop superstar. This 2013 SAMA nominated musician brings her unique fire to MTN BUSHFIRE.

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VERANDA PANDA (South Africa)


Veranda Panda is the creative combination of Liam Magner and Jane Baillie. Their insane mix of electronic genres spans from Hip-Hop to drum and bass, dubstep, and house.

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ZuCo (South Africa)

The message is music, from its origins, through its nature to its essence. This is a collective of life-lovers who come together to do what they feel they were called to do. Their music seeks to spark the flame that burns fiercely; fusing Life's lessons with their dreams, their music is not just an occupation: it is a movement.  

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