Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery’s thirty second exhibition titled “Just Now!” and curated by Aleta Armstrong and Khulekani Msweli opens on Friday evening the 27th of May at the MTN Bushfire Festival.
The exhibition is titled:  “Just Now! – Neither here nor there but getting somewhere...communication from artists exploring current issues.”
The exhibition features work by twenty five artists. The artists from Swaziland are Mesuli Mamba, Mbongeni Dlamini, Dane Armstrong, Tony Marshak, Karin Claesson, Thabo Lukhele, Jiggs Thorne, Noah Mdluli, Helen Moir, Fela Dlamini, Aleta Armstrong, Alina Xu, Seni Mdluli, Hannah Johnson, David Cranko, Pete Armstrong, Glenda Stephens, Thabani Maseko, and Khulekani Msweli. The six other artists are Ileana Blazquez from Canada, Ilona Petzer, Kato Nevelin and Maria Pienaar from South Africa, Celma Costa from Mozambique and David Johnson from UK.
Yebo Director and curator Aleta Armstrong “We love having the opportunity to exhibit at the MTN Bushfire Festival, such an amazing creative atmosphere together with 25,000 visitors and performing artists from all around the world over the weekend. We are also very excited at having artists from outside of Swaziland join us in this exhibition! We will be at the exhibition all weekend and are looking forward to meeting everybody and hope visitors find the exhibition featuring fifty-five different works an amazing, thought provoking experience.”
The exhibition will feature diverse range of work with each artist exploring their own version of the Just Now theme in mediums such as sculptures, photographs, paintings, collages and sketches. Topics range from environmental issues, refugee crisis, China’s impact on Africa, the current drought, exploration of belonging, inferiority complexes, Swazi time, reality and illusion, racial power dynamics, unfinished business and duality of transition just to name a few of the concepts artists are presenting.
Curator and artist, Khulekani Msweli: “The Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery's Just Now!  exhibition is not quite like any regular art exhibition, there is a need for it. Staging the exhibition in Swaziland, during the Bushfire international music festival, at a time of social and political uncertainty in the region and the world at large can only mean diversity of opinion delivered at full throttle.
I'm excited, with a hint of nervousness, as it is my first curatorship at Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery yet also having some of my work on show. The nervousness is quickly moved aside as the show will be captivating, questioning and will hopefully encourage meaningful dialogues. The various works by the local and international artists have been selected for their quality and unique point of view. Contemporary art is still new and not understood in Swaziland thus the Bushfire platform is absolutely crucial in offering arts exposure which results in a nation with well rounded development.”
The Just Now! Exhibition will run from 27 – 29th of May at the MTN Bushfire Festival. Open on Friday from 7- 11pm, Saturday from 9 – 11pm, Sunday from 9 – 5pm. All the work can also be viewed online at yeboswaziland.com from Friday evening. For daily updates check facebook.com/yebodesigns.
Mbongeni Dlamini
Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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