Iis not often that the entirety of a nation, from the people to the organizations, come together at one venue and on a yearly basis to support and celebrate the arts. Indeed, the MTN BUSHFIRE Festival has grown over the last six years to be such a festival, an international celebration where people enjoy a range of artistic exhibitions and discuss pertinent social issues. Over the years Swaziland’s acclaimed international music and arts festival has continued to bring the best artists and performers to the nation. For this extraordinary growth, it is imperative to thank the festival’s sponsors, without whom none of the magic would be possible.

Being Part of MTN BUSHFIRE: Partners and Sponsors

MTN BUSHFIRE would not be possible each year without a range of spectacular sponsors. It comes as no surprise that these sponsors are keen to share their glowing opinions of the festival:

“BUSHFIRE FESTIVAL represents a product that stages exceptional pieces of art to their publics and new creative possibilities, which is the essence of festivals.” – Swaziland Tourism Authority, Bongani Dlamini

 “It is an honor to be part of this magical and unique inspirational happening.” – Toby Allison, Steel and Wire International

“Through festivals like Bushfire, we are all exposed to new ideas and new possibilities and we are fortunate to have this opportunity here in the Kingdom of Swaziland.” – Molly Sanchez Crowe, US Embassy


“ It provides a platform for us as companies that need continuous mileage and exposure to reinvent our positions in our different markets “ Mbuso Shongwe, Parmalat Swaziland


 “For our business it has always been being part of a bigger purpose in life and formulating it into our business processes and work.   Bushfire has a direct impact on our basic nature and how we should uplift each other in our numerous diversities and cultures offering something different through our life’s exposures and growth in individual character.  Thank you for making us part of this enlightening experience!”Martin van Heerden, Clearmark

Celebrating the Arts as a Nation

The MTN BUSHFIRE’s annual pan-African explosion includes a multi-faceted line up of the highest quality; this spectrum includes live music, theatre, poetry, film, circuit, dance and visual arts from all over the globe.

“Bush Fire supporting arts and culture is a very good and growing idea, in that it exposes Swazi artists and our culture to the world” – S’phesihle Mkhonta, Sun International


“Being involved in visual expression it is our livelihood and only way we understand to communicate and express, and obviously at the same time making a living out of these gifts.  Without this form of expression people will never be free!”Martin van Heerden, Clearmark



“Arts mean people showing their talents and skills in a very diverse way.” – Themba Sukati, A.G.P.F and Swazi Wire


“Bushfire supporting arts and culture in the country is very encouraging and actually bringing the true identity of the Swazi Nation and empowering the less privileged Swazis. This is encouraging and is an initiative that all corporate in the Kingdom should support.” –Swaziland Beverages Meshack Maseko


“This is a very good idea which brings people from diverse cultural backgrounds together in a celebratory mood.” – Mbuso Shongwe, Parmalat Swaziland


“Inspirational and mutually rewarding to all parties (organizers, artists, customers and beneficiaries). It is a beautiful synergy of people.” – Toby, Steel and Wire


“Bushfire, being as diverse as it is, using the universal language of creativity, is an outstanding example of different modes working in a synergy, inspiring the best of the human potential.“ – Julian von Hirschberg, Computronics


“There are very few platforms for networking informally in Swaziland and the festival is one of the ways in which people can share views in a creative space and also spend time with their families. It is an excellent way of putting the Kingdom on the international map and showcasing its amazing talent. It is also great for tourism as it draws many international visitors.” – Bongiwe Zwane, PSI


“The uniqueness of our nation is very clearly seen in the coming together of a wide variety of talent and passion showcasing the diversity of the humble nation of Swaziland. Being part of the process that allows and spearheads the platform for these artists is an honour and privilege.” - Dean Van Zyl, branding design

Quality featuring live music, theatre, poetry, f

“The bringing in of foreign artists will enable local artists to converse and exchange ideas will surely add to depth, growth and enthusiasm.” – Patrick Ward, Mountain Inn


“It’s a very good thing for Bushfire to support arts and culture in Swaziland. This initiative has placed the country on the international map.” – Themba Sukati, A.G.P.F and Swazi Wire


MTN BUSHFIRE Brings Cultures Together


Holding international acclaim, particularly throughout Southern Africa, MTN BUSHFIRE creates a forum for multicultural discussion, sharing, and celebration. The magical celebration of arts is simultaneously a hub for critical thinking and discourse about social issues.


“The Festival has brought people of different nations to Swaziland to enjoy and have fun and to share ideas. This is a very good idea and this festival has improved the economy of the country through tourism.” – Themba Sukati, A.G.P.F and Swazi Wire


“This being the strongest drive of the purpose is to get people to experience the offering and making them part of the excellence of talents involved and automatically becoming part of the ‘Call to Action’.”- Martin van Heerden, Clearmark

“This is a very good idea which brings people from diverse cultural backgrounds together in a celebratory mood. It also provides a platform for us as companies that need continuous mileage and exposure to reinvent our positions in our different markets.” – Mbuso Shongwe, Swazi Parmalat


Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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