MTN BUSHFIRE Call for Volunteers

 Want to get involved in the making of the biggest event in Swaziland?


MTN BUSHFIRE is launching an official volunteer scheme in 2012. Each year, our three day festival takes over 700 people to make magic happen. Many volunteers work for societies and organizations who recruit their own volunteers, but a large part work directly for MTN BUSHFIRE. If you would like us to consider you as a volunteer for this year's festival,



You can download an application form HERE and also get a physical copy of our volunteer application form at House on Fire's Internet Cafe and at Steel and Wire International.  We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis – there is no official deadline as of yet.



Once you’ve filled out an application form, send it through tovolunteersforbushfire@gmail.com or hand in a physical form to Steel and Wire International or MTN BUSHFIRE offices at House on Fire.



In case we do not have any openings at MTN BUSHFIRE 2012, we will forward your application to the local organizations and societies who provide different services for the festival.



We do not have an exact number of how many volunteers we need this year, so we cannot make any guarantees that you will get a job even if you have made an application. Should you express interest in volunteering for us in the future, we will keep your information on file.



Note that MTN BUSHFIRE usually does not offer volunteer work to people under the age of 18. Successful applicants will be expected to organise their own transport and accommodation to the festival. 



MTN BUSHFIRE 2012 takes place at House on Fire on the 25, 26, 27 May 2012. e-Tickets are on sale at www.bushfire.co.sz.



Physical tickets are on sale at House on Fire and selected MTN service centres across Swaziland.

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