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MTN BUSHFIRE Schools' Festival 


The first edition of the MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival occurred in 2010. The aim of the festival is to expose children and teachers to the many “languages of the arts”, instilling confidence and inspiring creative self-expression. This year, there is an exciting new addition to this Festival. The Primary Schools’ Festival supported by MTN Bushfire and the European Union sees the creation of a second Open Day, geared solely towards primary school children. 
The MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival works towards providing sustainable access to the arts and developing a unique platform of creative expression and dialogue for young people in the country. The festivals were created to counter the lack of a formal arts curriculum in public schools in Swaziland by presenting creative performances, workshops, educational seminars and interactive outreach programmes for participants from primary schools, high schools as well as teachers throughout the country. The festivals bring to light the importance of the arts and underline the various ways of using arts education to empower students through knowledge, self expression, comprehensive sexual health education and individualized action.  
Additionally, the MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival promotes positive social behavioural change messaging. This is facilitated by Lusweti Institute for Health Development Communication. Lusweti is a Swazi non-governmental organization, dedicated to the creation and provision of innovative social behaviour change communication programs. Their efforts are focused on bringing social change to society ensuring that the majority of people will be practicing positive behaviour with respect to HIV/AIDS, health and development.
As the Schools’ Festival continues to grow, we send out a big thank you to our sponsors for their support in bringing the magic of the arts to the students of Swaziland. 
Applications for the MTN Bushfire High Schools’ Festival and the Primary Schools’ Festival Supported by MTN Bushfire and the EU will be announced soon. 


Check out what happened at MTN Bushfire Schools' Festival  2016:






And Introducing the First Ever Primary Schools' Festival Supported by MTN Bushfire and the EU:




MTN Bushfire Schools' Festival

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