SNCAC Speaks Highly of the 100% Seriously Swazi Programme at MTN BUSHFIRE

 While MTN BUSHFIRE strives to draw artists from all across the globe, it also works to promote and offer opportunities to the immense talent contained within Swaziland.


An important aspect of MTN BUSHFIRE is its focus on developing the artist as well the spectator – while attendees find the festival magical and inspirational, the artist similarly experiences growth and attains new understandings by demonstrating talents at the festival. This aspect of the festival is expressed in the 100% Seriously Swazi Programme, a program that works to promote budding Swazi artists and give them the opportunity to expand and grow in the artistic realm. The program brings an indigenous Swazi “feel” to the MTN BUSHFIRE celebration, and allows up-and-coming Swazi talents to showcase their skills in a large-scale festival setting.


I briefly discussed the many benefits of the 100% Seriously Swazi Programme with Vusi Nkambule (SNCAC) and Jiggs Thorne (MTN BUSHFIRE Festival Director) – the two revealed the impact of the program on some of Swaziland’s undiscovered, aspiring talents. In particular, the two emphasized the success of the program in broadening the experiences of otherwise unacquainted artists:


Vusi:“The programme breeds development, giving local artists the experience of performing in a international festival… it helps young artists to grow, exposing them to something new.”


Jiggs:“100% Seriously Swazi gives young artists a stepping stone into the festival scenario, giving them access to all aspects of an international festival. It introduces them to the environment, how the group equips itself to perform, working on presentation… the programme helps to develop all of these.”


Jiggs also noted that the programme helps to consolidate all those up-and-coming acts that are keen on performing at MTN BUSHFIRE, giving them all a common outlet that allows them access to the festival experience. This gathering of eager Swazi artists, all of whom want to demonstrate their unique talents, leads to a large representation of indigenous Swazi music at the festival – music that Jiggs commented “reflects and promotes our heritage”. This is crucial to the MTN BUSHFIRE Festival – while the celebration undoubtedly enjoys multiple cultures and international arts, it also strives to exhibit the distinctive talent of Swaziland.


MTN BUSHFIRE is drawing closer and closer – in fact, there’s fewer than two weeks left to purchase tickets to this magical event, which will take place from May 25 -27 at the scenic House on Fire in Malkerns, Swaziland. Tickets are available at a variety of venues: at www.bushfire.co.sz, through MTN Mobile Money, or through MTN Service Centres in Matsapha, Manzini, Simunye, Mbabane, and the Gables. Artists featuring in this year’s 100% Seriously Swazi Programme will announced later this week, so stay tuned!

Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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