The Arts Round Table: Registration Opens for 2015

The Arts Round Table, an artistic development programme pionnered by MTN Bushfire, returns to 2015 on May 29th at Malkerns Country Club from 09:00-16:30. Registration is now open, for all interested parties wishing to attend this years event.


Swaziland’s international world music and arts festival, MTN Bushfire, is committed to the development of the creative economy and celebrating creative expression. The annual Arts Round Table Event is one initiative the festival established to further enhance Swaziland’s arts and culture development. 


The bespoke event showcases emerging local talent and provides a platform for stakeholders, from a variety of artistic disciplines, to interact with top industry professionals. 


The Arts Round Table aims to increase knowledge sharing within the artistic community and equip individuals and organisations with skills to succeed as professionals within the creative sector. 




The Arts Round Table 2015 Programme:



Interactive Workshops


Led by Brian Banda, a lecturer of cultural & heritage studies will this year offer workshops around the following social issues:

  • Forging Government & Institutional Partnerships – A call for artists, governments, NGOs, communities and other stakeholders to formulate strategies/collaborations that will give room for the production of artistic/cultural products. 
  • Entrepreneurship in the Arts & Culture Sector – Enabling participants to learn entrepreneurial tools particular to the arts industry; including basic business strategies, marketing, finance, management and leadership. 


Panel Discussions


Representatives from the arts industry and strategic partners converge to rigorously address issues around the central theme of ‘turning the creative sector into a viable business entity’ and engage in healthy debates about the arts industry in Swaziland. 



The Artist Experience


An open dialogue with local and international artists, that draws on their varied and eclectic experiences. Local, professional artists will address the various opportunities and limitations within the arts industry in Swaziland. This unique platform is an invaluable opportunity for up and coming artists looking to interact and learn from established arts professionals. 




Anyone wishing to attend the Arts Round Table 2015, should register with Chantelle Hulett by email chantellehulett@gmail.com or phone 78486536 and reserve a seat at this years event.  


For further information about The Arts Round Table or MTN Bushfire please visit:


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