The Barn


We at MTN BUSHFIRE believe passionately in the power of art not just to entertain, but to provoke, to enlighten, to activate, to Bohmisa. So we're building a space that offers free knowledge and inspiration from Swaziland’s most inspired thinkers, makers and performers, facilitating a community of curiosity and ideas.

The Barn is a reconfigured (25 x 15m) shed space on the Malendela farm devoted to stimulating dialogue surrounding pertinent and topical issues in Swaziland. This new space at MTN BUSHFIRE will be host to talks, live performance and exhibition. This year the Barn at Bushfire looks at issues as encompassing African Humanism, HIV/AIDS, employment, nutrition and the creative industry in the context of Swaziland.

The Barn as a space is more accessible, less formal, less exclusive, and more comfortable than a conventional gallery space or lecture theatre. Relying on a dynamic based more on the reality of a functioning industrial space, the Barn stears clear of the abstracted falsity of the white cube.

To us the idea of ‘Bringing your fire’ speaks of shared exploration, discovery, and expression. The art of self discovery’ is at once personal and communal. We all do our own discovery, internally, personally and independently. At the same time we all grow together, streamlining, improvising, relating and changing as a community. So as a space that exists off to the side of things, a space that is both quiet and still (personal/introspective) and busy and productive (collective), the barn is ideal.

 It is our hope to create a space at Bushfire that engenders thought and dialogue. This will be achieved through the combined presentation of visual and performed arts with talks on subjects pertinent to Swaziland’s current moment. In addition, this space will present aspects of ‘the arts’ that as of yet have not properly featured at the festival. Importantly, the Barn will include and be structured around local creatives, but will not exclude our fellows from abroad. We have assembled a motley cast of contributors whose work addresses directly or indirectly notions of self discovery; they will all be bringing their fire to MTN BUSHFIRE. 

Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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