Arts Round Table: Beyond Borders Workshop 2019 

MTN Bushfire is more than simply a music festival, its also a celebration of the human spirit.  Every year, in addition to its main program, MTN Bushfire encourages the joy of creative expression and invites everyone to contribute and engage through a programme of creative workshops, discussions, art exhibitions and guest speakers. This programme of interactive events enables conversation and debate that leads to a better understanding the issues surrounding us, from community level challenges to global concerns.

Since its inception, MTN Bushfire has encouraged participants and guests alike to heed this call, and in the process the festival has achieved a worldwide reputation for its visionary and authentic approach to raising awareness of the need for social change.

One of the key elements of this annual program is The MTN Bushfire Arts Round Table that provides local artists and creative industries professionals the opportunity to interact with top industry professionals from across the globe. To date, over 800 local arts industry stakeholders have participated in workshops focusing on the music industry, brand and social media management.

Through facilitated dialogue between emerging artists and managers, the Arts Round Table aims to increase knowledge sharing and skills in the artistic community thus enabling individuals and organizations to succeed as professionals in the entertainment field and creative sector.

Art thrives on international contacts, cross-border exchange and cultural encounter. The Arts Round Table – Beyond Borders Workshop is envisaged to support and complement the actions of Moving Africa programme of the Goethe-Institut, IGODA and MTN Bushfire by reducing barriers to mobility, provide the right environment for it, and ensure that information and advice on mobility-related issues is easy to obtain, accurate, and comprehensive.

Therefore, The Arts Round Table for 2019 will be built around the Beyond Borders workshop that seeks to bring various music markets and traders together including, Moving Africa programme of the Goethe-Institut, MTN Bushfire and IGODA with the aim of advancing and facilitating Arts Mobility within Africa.

The Beyond Borders workshop will:

  • create synergy between international festivals, music markets, venues & artists,
  • encourage regional exchange of data and skills,
  • share best practises
  • develop frameworks for arts mobility

The MTN Arts Round Table – Beyond Borders Workshop will be on the 24th May 2019 on the first day of the MTN Bushfire Festival and the program starts with an in-depth look at the IGODA Southern African Music Festival Network and the opportunities it creates for regional linkages and partnerships.  The programme will also explore new music markets and events across the continent.  A host of festival directors from across southern Africa and beyond will take part, including Paula Chibanga from Mozambique’s Azgo Music Festival, Sphe Mbhele from The Music Imbizo in Durban, Herman Kabubi from the Doadoa Music Market in Uganda, Yusuf Mahmoud from Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar, and Sharmila Elias from Malawi’s Lake of Stars amongst others.

There will also be a workshop for Swazi artists on how to package a press kit and release, which will be facilitated by Akum Agency’s Jess White; as well as a session from Pan-African music portal, Music in Africa who will share relevant data and best practice from their unique perspective.

Other delegates who will share his insights on the challenges of African Arts Mobility on the continent and beyond, include Congolese Artist/Founder of Malawi’s Refugee camp festival – Tumaini Lethu – Menes La Plume; as well as Thabiso Mohare, representing British Council; Marc Brebant – from Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano; and Ignacio Priego, representing Concerts SA.

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