DJ Bob

South Africa

DJ Bob started buying records since in 1984 and dedicates his time to playing and promoting good music. Armed with a cosmic knowledge of Jazz and dance music and brandishing a ubiquitous smile, this DJ packs a bag of finely pickled Funk vinyl and rare grooves for your dancing pleasure. His set, largely influenced by an early teenage Jazz education in the Free State, ranges from 70’s Funk and Soul through to Marabi and Mbaqanga with some Reggae, Afrobeat, South African Jazz and Samba thrown in. Breakbeat and Hip Hop make regular guest appearances as well.


DJ Bob owned the legendary clubs Mojo’s and then 206 Live in Johannesburg for 9 years and spent 12 years running the dance stage at OppiKoppi. He has also been an artist manager, agent and tour manager for the (sometimes) rich and (sometimes) famous among us.


DJ Bob and his extensive record collection now live on a farm in KZN where he practises carpentry, children and fishing. This well-seasoned timer of the South African music industry continues to surprise dance floors with his eclectic mix of heady and Funky tunes. For those who know, no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t, none is possible.