Nonku Phiri

South Africa

Nonku Phiri has one of the most distinctive, influential voices on South Africa’s future electronic music landscape.

With multiple collaborations alongside P.H Fat, Crazy White Boy, Jack Parow and fellow Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp alumni Card on Spokes, Branko, Mr Carmack, the Classix, and the legendary Mahotella Queens. Nonku has revealed her supreme talent to express and perform over a number of genres spanning house, electronica, hip hop and kwaito.

Since embarking on her solo career and releasing her singles ‘Things We Do On The Weekend’ and ‘Regrettables’, have become instant classics with their refreshing future kwaito beats accompanied by her sultry vocals.

Nonku’s future will see her release her highly anticipated EP, through her label Albino Black, as well as focusing on empowering other independent artists through hosting workshops and consistently carving out space for independent artists in the local arena. She is well on her musical journey and her talent will take her across the world as she continues to share her unique perspective and refreshing sounds.