Tomas Brickhill


Tomas Brickhill was the venue manager at Harare’s Mannenberg Jazz Club, and later at the Book Café in Zimbabwe, between 2010 and 2015. His debut feature film, Cook Off, that will be screening in The Barn during the MTN Bushfire Festival, has been selected for multiple international festivals, and he recently received a NAMA award for the work. He is also the leader singer of mbira-punk band Chikwata.263.

Cook Off is a romantic comedy following the adventures of Anesu, a struggling single mother from downtown Harare, who’s life is turned upside down when her son enters her into a reality TV cooking show. The films stars Tendaiishe Chitima as ‘Anesu’ and rapper Tehn Diamond as ‘Prince’ and was produced by Joe Njagu and written and directed by Tomas Lutuli Brickhill.