Bring Your Fire Zone

MTN Bushfire has always encouraged the proactive contribution of individuals towards social change. It’s what we do, and this is what it means to “Bring Your Fire”.

The BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE is an interactive and creative space, located at the very heart of the main Festival. Bringing the call to action to life through discussions and talkshops around social issues, the space actively encourages participation around socially responsible initiatives and promotes advocacy in an interactive environment.

Within the Zone, various partners and festival goers actively engage with this theme to make their personal contribution and bring the festival’s commitment to environmentalism to life during the festival. This area is also a collective responsibility space to discuss and promote awareness of crucial issues that impact our daily lives as well as our future both locally and globally. Gender equality, sustainable energy, innovation, education, arts development, skill sharing, HIV & health, orphan/mentorship/support & community development all feature in this vitally important arena.

We invite you to visit the Bring Your Fire Zone at MTN Bushfire and “Bring Your Fire” to the table.