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A reflection on the times we are living through, “Give Me Fire” is a song of inspiration, hope and love. This beautiful multicultural collaboration facilitated by MTN Bushfire between two of the top artists from Eswatini and South Africa was created especially for the MTN Bushfire 2021 Digital Series.

The “Give Me Fire” single now  available on all online music platforms!!!.

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Song Credits:

Producer: Mr Sakitumi

Executive Producer: MTN Bushfire

For a peek into the creative process of these amazing artists, check out the short “Give Me Fire” making-of video:



By Sands & The One Who Sings


Just give me fire

I’m tired of feeling cold in this place

Quench my desire

I’m tired of feeling lonely in this place

If you’re with your lover, tell ‘em

To hold you till the morning comes

If you’re with your lover, tell ‘em

To hold you till the morning comes


Wena ulilanga

Ungoyik’ ukusikhanyisa

Isibane sakho s’thandwa sam

Ndisecambi kwakho



Ungoyik’ ukusivulela…

Ntliziyo ivezwa ngamaqhawe.

Thamba uyokomelezwa a – a ha



Unelilangabi wena

Livutsa langekhatsi kuwe

Sondzela ngotse s’tsandvdwa sami



Ungiko konkhe wena

Konkhe lokufunako

Unhlab’usetandleni takho

Tibonakalise wo ooh



Vutsa mlilo

Sondzela stsandvwa yindze indlela.