BRING YOUR FIRE is MTN Bushfire’s inspiring call to action, a concept that encourages the proactive contribution of the individual.
Your Fire is your energy, your spirit, your passion, and your drive to make a difference.

Since its inception, MTN Bushfire has encouraged participants and guests alike to heed this call, and in the process the festival has achieved a worldwide reputation for its visionary and authentic approach to raising awareness of the need for social change.

As a celebration of the human spirit, MTN Bushfire encourages the joy of creative expression and invites everyone to contribute and engage through a programme of creative workshops, discussions, art exhibitions and guest speakers. This programme of interactive events enables conversation and debate that leads to a better understanding the issues surrounding us, from community level challenges to global concerns.

MTN Bushfire Director Jiggs Thorne explains further, “Swaziland’s MTN BUSHFIRE festival was founded 10 years ago in a spirit of cultural exploration. Through our ideals and our actions, we continue to explore and redefine the typical festival formula. In doing this we ask questions of ourselves, of artists, and of our audiences: How best do we shape the Festival we have created, and what do we want to say? What role should the arts play in our society? How do we become Practical Dreamers? Exploring these questions defines our festival and is the real spirit that people take away!”


Green Your Fire!

In 2017 MTN Bushfire introduced its GREEN YOUR FIRE campaign, a spin-off from the festival’s long-established commitment to igniting social change through personal action, BRING YOUR FIRE. The initiative is carried through the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE, a dedicated space that articulates and manifests this call to action around the theme of ‘environmental sustainability’.

To this end, the festival partners with a host of organizations to present a truly interactive and creative space that engages festival goers with the myriad issues related to environmentalism and sustainability more broadly, including arts sustainability in the region. These activities live not only at the Festival, but also before and after the event on social media and also critically in the local Swaziland communities. Everyone is, once again, invited to become a pro-active contributor and to Bring Your Fire.

Within this theme, MTN Bushfire is also committed to become a more eco-friendly event with an increased focus on recycling and energy saving, and an insistence that all trading vendors use packaging that is made from recycled, recyclable or natural material.