MTN Bushfire Main Stage

The MTN Bushfire Main Stage showcases the biggest international and continental artists to a pulsating crowd of thousands. The main stage opens out onto sprawling lawns & pristine farmland with the breath-taking Mzimba mountains rising in the background. Noted as the best music festival destination for a fantasy vacation by MTV Iggy/The Future of Music, this stage showcases an amazing balance of traditional and contemporary as well as collaborations from a broad range of countries and genres.

House on Fire Amphitheatre

The House on Fire Amphitheatre is an awe-inspiring performance area with a distinctly unique flavour at its core. A sunken ‘Afro-Shakespearean Globe Theatre’ that houses a range of performances, from music, poetry, dance and others. A piece of artwork in itself, House on Fire Ampitheatre continues to grow and expand, at 14 years old; a building that is constantly evolving.

The Barn Acoustic Stage

Pallet furniture and a wood chip floor set the tone for a more intimate festival experience. Hosted in a renovated barn with a contemporary feel, The Barn is the perfect chill-out space for festival goers. Acoustic and open mic sessions, as well as live dialogues take place within this space. Blackboard walls meant for impromptu creative expression, as well as a craft beverages component make this space an ideal zone for anyone needing a break from the excitement of the main Festival arena.


On the edge of the Festival grounds, the outer limit is covered by a nomadic stretch tent with a cocktail bar and features DJs, rap and hip-hop artists. This MTN Bushfire Firefly stage is a high-energy environment which creates opportunity for rising performers. A highly-publicized selection competition will take place in the lead up to the festival to identify the line-up.