#GREENYOURFIRE MTN Bushfire Extends Green Footprint

MTN BUSHFIRE 2019 is proud to announce that the event’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability has reached an even higher level.

At this year’s festival there will be a complete ban on any non-recyclable materials such as polystyrene, plastic, and foam packaging for any purchases made at the festival. All the traders are being encouraged to use environmentally-friendly packaging in an effort to be as sustainable as possible.

Over the last three years, MTN Bushfire has steadily improved its green by minimising the amount of waste created as well as through recycling as much waste as possible.

In 2017 MTN Bushfire was the Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards Most Sustainable Event Award based on these efforts. In that year 10 out of 21 tonnes of waste were recycled, while last year the festival reached its increased target of recycling at least 50% of the waste generated.

This achievement was made possible by the synergy created between various partners, festival-goers, traders and service providers, including local recycling companies and the Municipality of Matsapha. Ongoing environmental awareness training programmes have helped to coalesce these efforts aimed at reducing the percentage of waste sent to the landfill each year.

In order to exceed the achievements of last year, MTN Bushfire has also gone paperless with the launch of the MTN Bushfire Festival App, created in partnership with Real Image. The app can be accessed get pertinent—and personalized—information in real time during the festival and will be a huge boon to the festival’s green footprint as it replaces almost all printed informational and promotional material. More information on the app can be found on the festival web-site: www.bush-fire.com.

Additionally, MTN Bushfire guests will find separate bins for recyclable, non-recyclable and organic waste placed in the general arena area, while campers will be given two refuse bags—green for recycling and black for general waste—in order to facilitate the recycling programme.

The traders at MTN Bushfire are part of the solution and even used oil will be collected in special drums so that they can be properly disposed of at sewage treatment plants. In order to prevent putting strain on the local energy grid, traders are encouraged to save power by using our sponsored gas, courtesy of TOTAL Swaziland.

To promote a sustainable future various activations will also take place in the Bring Your Fire Zone. Watts Up, a company set up to promote, educate, and market solar energy applications in Eswatini will present an exhibition of every-day devices powered by solar powered energy, while a bank of USB-phone chargers powered by the sun will be accessible for festival goers, and personalized solar system assessments will be available for those interested.

To those participating in MTN Bushfire 2019, here are some ways you can help to Green Your Fire!

Please bring reusable bags; plastic bags and polystyrene or styrofoam containers are not allowed in.

Bring unused clothing to donate to orphans and vulnerable children through the Young Heroes initiative. Donations will be accepted at the gate.

Carpool or share rides to the festival to lessen your carbon footprint.

Use the recyclables and non-recyclables bins correctly!

You can also join the environmental discussion on ‘Living Green: Recycling and Renewable Energy’, to be held on Twitter on May 22nd, when the Bring Your Fire Zone team will be holding a live online dialogue between 3-4pm. Join the conversation! @MTNBushfire, #GreenYourFire.