Ignite Social Change in The #BRINGYOURFIRE Zone

MTN Bushfire is more than a festival, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil, yet inclusive and welcoming to guests from all over the world. This uniquely African, and yet globally infused festival experience welcomes thousands in an atmosphere of tolerance and passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment.

Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards Most Sustainable Event Award in 2017, MTN Bushfire was also hailed in 2016 by CNN as one of the “7 African music festivals you really have to see” and listed by BBC as a “Top African festival.”

With its #BRINGYOURFIRE clarion call to ignite action for social change, MTN Bushfire has always been committed to working with and uplifting the local Swazi community. Over the past decade, MTN Bushfire has continually brought its fire with a significant percentage of profits supporting local charities including Young Heroes, an initiative that supports over 1,000 AIDS orphans.

MTN Bushfire 2019, taking place from May 24th – 26th 2019 will once again present the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE (BYFZ), an interactive and creative space, located at the very heart of the main Festival. Bringing the call to action to life through discussions and talk shops around social issues, the space actively encourages participation around socially responsible initiatives and promotes advocacy in an interactive environment.

Throughout the festival weekend within the BYFZ, various partners and festival goers are invited to actively engage in creative activism and make their personal contribution to bringing to life the festival’s commitment to igniting social change.

Within this space festival guessers are encouraged to share their ideas through dialogue, express themselves creatively, and ultimately be process that addresses some of the  crucial issues that impact our daily lives as well as our future both locally and globally.

The highlighted issues and themes within Bring Your Fire Zone 2019  agenda includes a range of topics and partner activators who are actively working in these spaces to promote positive development and change. The themes for the Bring Your Fire Zone 2019 include:

  • STEM Education (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
  • Minority Rights
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Child Social Protection
  • Rural development
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Gender Equality and Diversity


As just one of the exciting and engaging elements in this year’s Zone, a host of visual artists will be on site throughout the weekend creating murals and installational artwork around these key themes. Guests can engage with the artists as they work and be part of this living manifestation of the #BRINGYOURFIRE call to action to ignite social change.

Other festival partners activating include COSPE, (Co-operation for the Development of Emerging Countries) who will celebrate the beauty, holiness and inviolability of the body, all the bodies. Through their stand and related activities, COSPE will share the important message that every person has the right to be treated with dignity and the right to be protected from cruel and degrading treatment. Women and LGBTQI population have the right to choose partners, to choose style life, to take

The Moya Centre, an organization that aims to strengthen the future of Swaziland through the nurture of children by assisting with educational and psychosocial support programme for orphaned and vulnerable children, will also be on site.

Moya will be bringing their #LoveYourFire campaign to the Bring Your Fire Zone through a mural that will be shaped by all the messages of how these young girls see themselves. As part of the live visual arts activations the mural will be completed during the festival through the eyes of festival goers and what they love about themselves.

Save The Children is an international organization which looks in to protecting and advocating for children’s rights and will host a Scavenger Hunt to get festival attendees to take an active role in learning about children’s rights.

Watts Up Solar Energy who provide sustainable energy solutions in Eswatini will be raising awareness on solar energy and Environmental Sustainability through demonstrations and competitions, while X-Factor from Johannesburg will be on-site rolling out their initiative called ’10 000 Rainbow T-shirts for Charity’. X-Factor staff will teach festival-goers how to tie-dye a t-shirt , and while they learn a new skill,  guests are also providing unique tie-dyed t-shirts for the charity programme.

The Peace Corp’s GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) global project to empower young girls and improve the status of women around the world will be hosting various activities including demonstrations on head wraps, skin and hair care, and HIV awareness games.

MTN Bushfire invites all fans of music, the arts, cultural exploration and environmental sustainability to become part of the thriving community that is MTN Bushfire. Join in the journey towards MTN Bushfire 2019 by following us on all social media platforms as well as visiting our website, www.bush-fire.com.