Here’s something fresh to chew on!

We’re dishing out a series of new, fun and fascinating info from the festival’s 14-year long history of celebrating music and the arts in our atmosphere of tolerance and inclusion.

FIRE FACTS is an engaging new communication campaign from the MTN Bushfire team which will share the festival’s amazing achievements, incredible milestones and its inspiring call to action.

We are amplifying MTN Bushfire’s contribution towards Eswatini’s arts community and creative economy. FIRE FACTS will highlight the festival’s commitment to social inclusion and upliftment, as well as its credentials as an internationally recognised music and arts festival.

MTN Bushfire purposefully makes manifest the ideals of social inclusion, equality, environmental sustainability, upliftment, and diversity through its explicit call to individual action: #BRINGYOURFIRE.

Did You Know that the festival is linked to several other big African festivals that form a tour circuit for artists from all over the world? Or that the MTN Bushfire has 7 pillars under its #BRINGYOURFIRE mandate?

These and other fun snippets and tid-bits are all part of the series of interesting and sometimes little-known FIRE FACTS which we’ll be sharing with all our Fire Starters, along with our #BRINGYOURFIRE icons.

Look out on our social media platforms for some interesting facts on your favourite festival! Our official hashtags are #FIREFACTS #BRINGYOURFIRE #MTNBUSHFIRE2020.