MTN BUSHFIRE – Arts Round Table – Beyond Borders Workshop 2019

MTN Bushfire is more than simply a music festival, its also a celebration of the human spirit.  Every year, in addition to its main program, MTN Bushfire encourages the joy of creative expression and invites everyone to contribute and engage through a programme of creative workshops, discussions, art exhibitions and guest speakers.


The Arts Round Table is part of MTN Bushfire’s call to action “Bring Your Fire” and comprises a series of workshops that takes place on the Friday of Bushfire weekend annually, connecting aspiring multi-disciplined artists with a selected number of seasoned Festival performers in a space that invites organisations interested in arts development to discuss thematically-driven conversations around the role of arts in development. To date, over 800 artists have participated in these workshops over the years.


For the 2019 edition, the Arts Round Table event will include over 60 local industry players who will be taking part in panel discussions, networking and exploring mobility opportunities with a range of international guests including festival, venue, and music market directors amongst other professionals.

The overall objective of the workshop is in alignment with the purpose of Moving Africa programme of the Goethe-Institut, MTN Bushfire and IGODA of advancing and facilitating Arts Mobility within Africa.

The Arts Round Table – Beyond Borders Workshop is envisaged to support and complement the actions of Moving Africa, IGODA and MTN Bushfire by reducing barriers to mobility, provide the right environment for it and ensure that information and advice on mobility-related issues is easy to obtain, accurate, and comprehensive. The Arts Round Table aims to increase knowledge and skills in the artistic community, thus enabling individuals and organisations to succeed as professionals in the artistic and entertainment field.


The program starts with an in-depth look at the IGODA Southern African Music Festival Network and the opportunities it creates for regional linkages and partnerships.  The programme will also explore new music markets and events across the continent.

A host of festival and music market directors from across east and southern Africa will take part, including Paula Chibanga from Mozambique’s Azgo Music Festival, Sphe Mbhele from The Music Imbizo in Durban, Herman Kabubi from the Doadoa Music Market in Uganda, Yusuf Mahmoud from Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar, Sinamandla from South Africa’s Moshito and Maria Wilson from Zimbabwe’s HIFA amongst others.

  • The Beyond Borders aims to benefit local artists with:
  • Supporting regional exchange of artists, technical skills and show invites
  • Improving Artists’ press kits to impact in their career
  • Exposing artists to new markets within the region
  • Creating new jobs in the culture and creative sectors
  • Building a strong networking and creative exchange opportunities between stakeholders as well as artists in the region.
  • create synergy between international festivals, music markets, venues & artists,
  • encourage regional exchange of data and skills,
  • share best practises
  • develop frameworks for arts mobility

The MTN Bushfire cordially invites you to apply to be part of this year’s Arts Round Table event, Beyond Borders workshop, scheduled for 24th of May at MTN Auditorium, Mahlalekhukhwini House, from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

If you are interested, please apply for a seat by sending your profile or a press kit (if an artist) to Ana Raquel (

Send your application by Wednesday, 17th of May, not later than 2pm. Please note that we have limited seats.

For more information and a detailed program contact: