MTN Bushfire festival beneficiaries, Young Heroes and boMake Rural Projects, officially received a cheque to the value of E101,364.25 from donations made by our global community of Fire Starters at the first-ever #KeepTheFireBurning Digital Festival which took place on May 30, 2020.


100% of the proceeds will go towards to providing Emergency Home Care Kits to orphaned and vulnerable children, and women in the rural communities of Eswatini.


These kits consist of food, face masks, hygiene products and medical supplies that will support the country’s most disadvantaged groups in their efforts to #StayAtHome and #StaySfe during these difficult times.


Here are some remarks from our beneficiaries and one of our main sponsors, Sibebe Premium Lager:



It is with great pleasure that we receive a cheque of proceeds made during the first ever MTN Bushfire #KeepTheFireBurning Digital Festival.


These funds will support 59 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla (Kufinyeni, Lobamba Lomdzala, Luyengweni and Ngwenyameni) who are enrolled under the Life Support Grant Program.


We would like to thank MTN Bushfire who, after realizing that the annual festival would not take place this year, took the initiative to come up with this brilliant idea of taking the festival to the people; in the comfort of their homes.


For this reason, the OVCs under Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla will be provided with essential food and hygiene supplies so that they remain well-nourished under these difficult circumstances and continue to practice safety measures against contracting COVID-19.


We are thankful to the Inkhundla as well for its support. The Inkhundla has taken ownership of the Life Support Grant program and is responsive to issues that we encounter, thank you for the feedback you have given to Young Heroes.


Lastly, we send our sincere appreciation to our friends, sponsors and everyone who donated and participated towards the MTN Bushfire Digital Festival. It is your contribution and participation that will see the OVC having at least one meal a day and practice safety measures against COVID-19.



Thank you once again MTN Bushfire for the generous donation to boMake. We appreciate the support we continue to receive from the festival especially at such a time when it has been so negatively impacted by COVID-19.


This year’s donation came with invaluable digital mileage for our organisation and shone light on our work to an even broader audience than anticipated.


We are grateful for this rich partnership which has seen over 5000 of our beneficiaries in 67 rural communities receive home care health kits and food parcels in this period, allowing them to better adhere to the #StayHome call to action.


Siyabonga Bushfire, sitsi akwandze!


SIBEBE PREMIUM LAGER                    

Sibebe Premium Lager was honoured to be a part of this virtual gathering aimed at giving back to the community.


The Digital Festival was a truly amazing experience which captured the spirit of the MTN Bushfire festival on a virtual scale, lighting our fires and allowing us to tap into nostalgic moments.


With a lot of businesses being faced with challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we saw it fit to give back and be part of the global community witnessing history.


For more information on our festival beneficiaries, please visit their websites:

Young Heroes:

BoMake Rural Projects: