The 2020 edition of MTN Bushfire will continue to live the promise of the #GREENYOURFIRE commitment towards environmental sustainabilityThe festival invites its partners, stakeholders in the environmental sector, as well as guests of the festival to help the festival achieve its green goals by eliminating single-use plastics.  

Through the #GREENYOURFIRE call to action, launched in 2016, MTN Bushfire has actively and consistently committed to encouraging and normalising an environmentally sustainable lifestyle for all 

In doing so, MTN Bushfire joins a number of other major festivals around the world that have taken this step in the spirit of consciously effecting sustainable environmental change.   

Starting from 2020, the festival will intensify the collective fight against plastic pollution by discouraging the persistent use and importation of single-use plasticin the festival’s trading spaces, camping areas, and activations.  

MTN Bushfire believes in the strength in unity. Therefore, festival patrons and stakeholders are requested to join together as the festival takes this first step towards achieving a single-use plastic-free eventMTN Bushfire’s devotion to the cause will be demonstrated in a collective action towards improving the reduction of single-use plastics with each festival, every year.  

This process, to eventually eliminate all single-use plastics, is a direct response to the alarming statistics and frightening damage that plastic waste causes. The RAW Foundation predicts that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic (by weight) than fish. Plastic pollution contaminates our precious water systems, threatens human health, disrupts food chains and affects wildlife.  

With festivals offering fertile ground to incite dialogue on positive social and environmental change, and inspiring collective action, MTN Bushfire will be engaging artists and creatives who advocate for action against climate change and environmentally unsustainable practices, particularly in Africa. The festival will therefore play host to filmmakers, photographers, musicians and artists who champion for conservation through their work.   

To ensure that MTN Bushfire identifies and involves more activists and creatives in the environmental space, there will be a #GREENYOURFIRE call-out process through which they will be invited to apply. Environmental representatives from African countries that have successfully achieved a plastic-free lifestyle will also share their experiences and educate guests on how we can all effectively follow suit.  

MTN Bushfire will be teaming up with its partners and stakeholders in Eswatini’s environment sector; Eswatini Environmental AuthorityWaterford Eco-WarriorsEswatini Tourism Authority, ECCO (Eswatini Climate Coalition)among others. 


Towards a Ban on Single-Use Plastic 

In 2020, the MTN Bushfire festival will eliminate single-use plastic items and materials that cannot be reused and recycled.  

Here are some of the environmentally-sustainable changes that will be brought into effect: 

  • On the 13th edition of the festival, MTN Bushfire introduced a reusable and recyclable cup pilot programme which was well-received by the public. This will be rolled-out on a large scale for MTN Bushfire 2020. 
  • Plastic bottles will not be sold in the festival arena and camping area 
  • Plastic bags will no longer be accepted into the trading areasVendors will be encouraged to use environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as biodegradable bags. This is in addition to the already existing ban on styrofoam 
  • Festivalgoers will be encouraged to bring reusable shopping bags to avoid using plastic ones.