The theme and artwork for MTN Bushfire 2020 are here!

Every year, MTN Bushfire accentuates key themes centred on #BRINGYOURFIRE and introduces innovative artwork which creatively mirrors the festival’s mandate.

In 2020, we honour the unique, positive and intangible energy that manifests during MTN Bushfire, best described by Festival Director Jiggs Thorne as The Juncture of Hum.

The Juncture of Hum poetically illustrates the sound of the spirit created at the confluence of people, cultures and their stories. It is a festival energy born out of the celebration of harmony in contrast, and is the ultimate gift of the MTN Bushfire experience.

This sound of spirit flows like energy itself, stirring an internal longing for unity in diversity throughout the festival and beyond it. It transforms us, brings us closer to ourselves and reminds us of the magic in harmony.

MTN Bushfire is a necessary reflection of the world we should be living in; a world that embraces all our differences and diverse, colourful cultures. The Juncture of Hum echoes the powerful future we can create when people equally experience the joy of humanity.

These positive vibrations start as ripples within the local community and become waves that grow as they carry guests home, which we believe, can ultimately create a global movement.

MTN Bushfire has always been committed to this ethic and has worked with the local Eswatini community for over a decade. As a proud and positive enabler of social change, #BRINGYOURFIRE ripples through the local community, with a significant percentage of profits from MTN Bushfire tickets and merchandise sales going to support local charities including Young Heroes, an initiative that supports over 1,000 AIDS orphans, as well as BoMake Rural Projects which assists women and their communities through social upliftment programmes.

The Juncture of Hum is the inspiration for the MTN Bushfire 2020 logo, look and feel, and merchandise branding.

Be part of this unique celebration of the human spirit! Phase 1 tickets are selling fast, so grab yours now.