MTN Bushfire 2019 The Moral Compass

If you follow the compass to 26.4973° S, 31.2183° E, you will arrive at House on Fire in the Malkerns Valley of Eswatini, home of the MTN Bushfire Festival. However, there is another, and perhaps more important compass that can also lead you to this iconic event – the compass that is inside each and every person and is at the heart of the MTN Bushfire #BringYourFire ethos – that being your moral compass.

The official artwork and logo for MTN Bushfire 2019 has been designed around the concept of the compass as it reflects the physical journey that thousands of international guests make as they converge on the Malkerns Valley, and the spiritual and ethical journey that many MTN Bushfire guests also experience throughout the festival weekend.
As anyone who has attended an MTN Bushfire Festival can attest, MTN Bushfire is more than a festival, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil, yet inclusive and welcoming to guests from all over the world. This uniquely African, and yet globally infused festival experience welcomes thousands in an atmosphere of tolerance and passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment.

MTN Bushfire is unlike just about any other event of its kind based on this strong and foundational commitment to igniting social change within individuals, communities, and at large. The Festival’s #BRINGYOURFIRE call to action is a personal one that taps into the moral compass inside everyone. MTN Bushfire provides a host of interactive, educational, and engaging opportunities for guests to follow their own moral compasses and be part of the solution. Whether it’s through recycling or tree planting at the event, or through taking part in any one of the various round table or social media topical discussions, guests to MTN Bushfire have a myriad of options enabling them to be the change.

MTN Bushfire has always been committed to working with and uplifting the local Swazi community. Over the past decade, MTN Bushfire has continually brought its fire with a significant percentage of profits supporting local charities including Young Heroes, an initiative that supports over 1,000 AIDS orphans.

One of the ways in which this social mandate is brought to life even before the festival commences is through a series of on-line, interactive social dialogues that take place on social media in the days and weeks leading up to the festival. The topics of discussion range from issues around environmentalism and sustainability to cultural and social equality and inclusion.

During the event, guests are also encouraged to visit and engage with the Bring Your Fire Zone. Launched in 2017 with the aim of further engaging the Festival audience in conversations around the festival mandate, the fully interactive, Bring Your Fire Zone, is a creative space located at the very heart of the main Festival. Gender equality, sustainable energy, innovation, education, arts development, skill sharing, HIV & health, orphan/mentorship/support & community development all feature in this vitally important arena.

The space is a creative and inspirational zone that not only showcases socially responsible initiatives and organisations, but also encourages guests to become activists within their own communities long after they leave the event.

It is no surprise then that MTN Bushfire was the Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards Most Sustainable Event Award in 2017 and was also hailed in 2016 by CNN as one of the “7 African music festivals you really have to see” and listed by BBC as a “Top African festival.”

MTN Bushfire invites all fans of music, the arts, cultural exploration and environmental sustainability to become part of the thriving community that is MTN Bushfire.

So follow the compass and join in the journey towards MTN Bushfire 2019 by following us on all social media platforms.