Purchase Your Tickets with MoMo

Festivalgoers in Eswatini can now buy festival tickets with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), through WhatsApp.
Electronic tickets will be downloaded directly to mobile phones so guests can Green Your Fire and save paper by using the e-ticket on their device to enter the festival. Tickets will also be emailed as a back-up.
The MoMo payment facility is accessible via WhatsApp, and festivalgoers will be able to buy tickets even if their MoMo number is different from their WhatsApp number. A maximum of five tickets per email address can be purchased.

How to buy tickets with MoMo:

  1. Add/Save 7808 4000 to your contact list (as MoMo Marketplace)
  2. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  3. Search for “MoMo Marketplace”
  4. Text “hi” and send
  5. Reply with MTN Bushfire on the main menu
  6. Follow the steps to purchasing Tickets
  7. Select to pay with MoMo
  8. Approve on USSD prompt or MoMo App to enable payment
  9. Receive your MTN Bushfire 2022 ticket


2020 Ticket Holder FAQs

Absolutely! Your ticket will be honoured, as we promised in 2020.

No. If your ticket is not used this year it will be canceled.

You have a few options. If you bought your ticket online, we can assist you to sell your securely by using the Howler resale facility. Alternatively, you can donate your ticket to further MTN Bushfire’s arts development programmes in Eswatini. A third option would be to give your ticket to a friend using the Transfer Ticket facility on the Howler platform.

Simply go to your Howler account, click on the three dots on the top right and select the Transfer Ticket option.

Registration for ticket options will be open from 29th March to 12th April, 2022, after which tickets may no longer be registered for resale. Unregistered tickets will be considered as having selected the Attend option.

The donation of the price of your ticket will help us to run our festival arts development support programmes, which have been drastically reduced in the past two years due to the financial constraints put upon us by the Covid pandemic.

No. You will need to buy a new ticket. You may off-set this cost by selling your ticket on the secure Howler resale platform.

2020 Ticket Resale FAQs

  • The resale platform is an open market, separate from MTN Bushfire’s regular ticket sales.
  • MTN Bushfire tickets are non-refundable.
  • No entry without valid proof of full vaccination against Covid-19. This applies even when you have a valid ticket.
  • If your ticket is not used in 2022, it will be canceled.
  • Resale is not guaranteed. If your ticket is not re-sold you may reclaim it. You may withdraw unsold tickets from the resale pool at any time.
  • You will receive payment within 72 hours of your ticket being sold.
  • Buyers of resale tickets will be charged a 5% standard processing fee.
  • 2020 tickets will be sold for the price paid for them in 2020, minus a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Registration for resale period will be from 29th March to 12th April, 2022 ONLY, after which tickets may no longer be registered for resale. Unregistered tickets will be considered as having selected the Attend option.

Yes. Camping tickets for the All-Out Africa camp-site can be resold on the resale platform. Please register your ticket options the same way you register your festival ticket options.

2020 glamping tickets are being handled separately by our glamping service providers, Harambee Hotel and Rush Adventures. Please contact them immediately about your 2020 ticket options:

For Harambee Hotel, please email: bookings@harambee.com
For Rush Adventures, please email: sales@rushadventures.com

Yes, If you bought your ticket online, we can assist you to sell your securely by using the Howler resale facility.

All tickets on the resale platform will be sold separately, so you may select which ones you want to put up for resale and which ones you want to keep.

Each ticket has a unique code, so Howler will know exactly which tickets from which accounts have been sold and will contact you. This is also why Howler can guarantee that no fake tickets can be sold on the resale platform.

Physical tickets from an outlet in Eswatini/Mozambique remain valid for the 2022 festival but, unfortunately, they cannot be sold on the online Howler resale platform because they are not linked to a Howler account.

Your ticket will be sold for the price you paid for it in 2020, minus a 20% service fee.

Yes. To withdraw your ticket from the resale pool:  Log into your Howler account and navigate to Tickets, then select the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the ticket listed on Resale and click on the "Remove from Resale" option. Once it's been removed from Resale, you can find your ticket back in your account.

If your ticket is in someone's cart, it won't be able to be removed unless they abandon the cart or the session expires. You'll get confirmation if it's bought and the ticket will disappear from your account.

1. You will need to have an active MoMo subscription
2. You will need to have an accessible email address
3. Please ensure you have enough funds MoMo for the value of your purchases
4. Processing fees will be charged at 2%, to a maximum of E20.00
5. Once issued, tickets are the responsibility of the customer to safeguard. Do not show anyone your ticket’s QR code.
6. If no payment is received after 10 minutes, reserved tickets will be resold
7. A maximum of 5 tickets can be purchased per email address
8. Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis
9. Only MoMo subscribers in Eswatini will be able to purchase tickets

You won’t have to enter your MoMo PIN in WhatsApp, only on the MoMo USSD or MOMO App. When approving, WhatsApp only gets a payment notification.

No. You will be asked to enter your MoMo number if your WhatsApp number is not the one you use for MoMo.

Don’t worry. Tickets will be emailed to you for back up.

No, tickets on your mobile device can be scanned at the gate.

Tickets are limited this year and sell on a first-come-first-served basis

You will be able to preload your cashless wristband via MoMo when Phase 2 tickets become available on MoMo.