Globally infused, authentically African and proudly Eswatini, MTN Bushfire is one of Africa’s largest multicultural gatherings, illuminating the transformational power of the arts through our call to action for positive social and environmental change, #BRINGYOURFIRE. A diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival set in a fantasy-scape of the imagination, MTN Bushfire takes place in the beautiful farmland and mountains of the peaceful Malkerns Valley. Every year, we welcome Fire Starters from over 60 countries for an energising and uplifting weekend, with an eclectic programme featuring some of the finest musical and artistic talents from across Africa and around the globe.

A conscious celebration of unity in diversity and an inspiring emblem of social inclusion, MTN Bushfire represents the kind of world we would all like to see – a global community of change-makers, thought leaders, and creative problem solvers who unite in a celebration of the arts and in the spirit of taking action against discrimination, environmental degradation and poverty.


From the longest burning source is a golden base beat,
an ancient rhythm that fire is our mother tongue
So bring your fire and let’s gather where all sparks meet
Illuminate sensation, ignite conscious participation,
see yourself in the beauty of all things
Feel creativity, celebrate diversity
Spark to life in this fantasyscape under Swazi skies
Know a fire like a fire knows itself
Same as a flame, keep reaching together
Feel the warmth, be moved, be still
Isn’t it time to walk the coals and sing, fire is our favourite colour?


A natural next-level extension of the ethos and success of the host entertainment venue, House On Fire, the first Bushfire festival was held in 2007. As well as being a much-needed platform to nurture and grow the arts in Eswatini, founders Jiggs and Sholto Thorne saw the festival as a vehicle for creative activism.

Promoting awareness of, and encouraging dialogue around, burning social and environmental issues led to the development of our #BRINGYOURFIRE call to action for individuals to become collectively involved in positive social transformation. In 2012, MTN Eswatini became the title sponsors of the festival, to help foster the growth of the arts industry in Eswatini.

House on Fire

House On Fire is the official host venue of MTN Bushfire. An ever-evolving fantastical playground of the imagination which captivates and inspires, House On Fire is lauded as one of the most eclectic entertainment venues in the world.

The surrounding Malandela’s Gardens provide a beautiful natural setting for a diversity of architectural and artistic styles, which create cultural meeting points brought together in harmony. House On Fire’s interconnecting venues each offer their own unique experiences, and the use of multiple indoor and outdoor spaces enhances the various strands and stages of the festival.

House On Fire also offers an eclectic year-round entertainment programme featuring an array of music, theatre, dance and poetry, attracting top performers both regionally and globally. House On Fire was founded in 2000.