For information on tickets, please visit our tickets page or email info@bush-fire.com

For all other ticket enquiries, please email support@howler.co.za

For All-Out Africa campsite enquiries, email tours@alloutafrica.com
For Harambee Hotel enquiries, email info@harambeehotel.com
For Rush Adventures enquiries, email sales@rushadventures.com

For all international media enquiries please email  lara@redflag.co.za
For all Eswatini media enquiries please email communications@bush-fire.com

For any advertising or sponsorship enquiries please email marketing@bush-fire.com

Artist applications to perform at MTN Bushfire are open between August-October. Please note that applications are only considered if made through our website registration during this period. For all other Artist enquiries, please email info@bush-fire.com

For all Trader enquiries, please email traders@bush-fire.com