2024 applications now CLOSED!

Artist applications for the 2nd edition of MTN Bushfire’s CollaboNation, Africa’s premier music collaboration portal, are now open!

CollaboNation is looking for artists who embody MTN Bushfire’s inspiring call to action for collective positive social and environmental change, Bring Your Fire.  Selected artists will have the opportunity to record new and authentic songs that inspire a creative narrative of inclusivity and social cohesion, while supporting and validating Africa’s diverse and unique cultural identities and heritage.

Applications Now Closed.

CollaboNation is unique in that it facilitates physical meetings and shared studio time for the selected artists to create new, conscious, songs. The songs are debuted in a live performance at one of Africa’s biggest multi-cultural festivals: MTN Bushfire in Eswatini, which will be held from from 31 May – 2 June 2024. The live performances are filmed for music videos to support the international release of the tracks. The creative process is documented throughout and showcased on social media.

All rights to CollaboNation songs and music videos are owned by the artists; produced and licensed by Bushfire Records which is a dynamic record label with an authentic and eclectic focus. The songs are then distributed in partnership with Paradise Worldwide, a European-based global distribution agency.

Please note that due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

For artist queries, please email: collabonation@bush-fire.com
For media queries, please email: communications@bush-fire.com

CollaboNation is a team project. Interested sponsors may contact us to support this dynamic initiative.

The first year of CollaboNation was funded by the Sound Connects Fund, an initiative by the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) and Goethe-Institut. The Sound Connects Fund is made possible with the financial contribution of the European Union and the support of the Organisation of ACP States.

NB: Please see the CollaboNation Deliverables, Content Journey and FAQs below.

CollaboNation will provide:

  • Travel costs for the artist collaborations
  • Studio time and a world-class producer
  • A professionally recorded and produced music video
  • A global distribution contract with Paradise World Wide for the song
  • International dissemination of the music video
  • Paid performance at the MTN Bushfire festival in Eswatini
  • Marketing support for the content journey (artist reels/in-studio documentary/audio track/music video)

  • Application call-out
  • Public voting
  • Artist announcements
  • Initial artist profiles in home countries
  • In-studio interviews and behind-the-scenes reels
  • Build-up to MTN Bushfire live performances
  • Performances at MTN Bushfire with partner and sponsor visibility
  • Audio track and music video releases

2024 Applications open 7th February  and close 7th March

CollaboNation is looking for artists who have created a body of independent work, with a track record of published material and performances, an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), links to music and an established following.

  • Age: 21 years and up
  • Countries eligible:  All African countries
  • Must be able to travel and available to record
  • Must be available to perform at the MTN Bushfire festival
  • Must embody MTN Bushfire’s inspiring call to action for collective positive social and environmental change, Bring Your Fire.

Yes, CollaboNation applications are open to both individual artists and groups

Each COLLABONATION release is backed by the globe-spanning Paradise Worldwide network. The label and artist team boast over 25 years of experience building up independent artists and releases from across the world. The songs chosen for release via COLLABONATION will receive a Global Industry Standard Independent single song licence agreement in which we will explain the next steps.

Some of the benefits of releasing with COLLABONATION include:

  • Release planning and strategy by Worldwide Team
  • Artwork creation Mastering by COLLABONATION
  • Promotion via COLLABONATION partners (PR, Plugging and Digital Promotion)
  • Access for you and your team to Africa Rising Music Conference
  • DSP Playlist pitching to focus territories
  • Your music will be available on all download stores, streaming, video and monetisation platforms like Beatport, iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Traxsource, Deezer, YouTube, etc.
  • We prepare your releases with the industry's metadata standards and codes like ISRCs, UPCs, Grid, etc so you get your revenues!

2023 ​CollaboNation 1

Thobile Makhoyane (SZ) X The Hood Brodz (MZ)

​2023 CollaboNation 2

Mokoomba (ZW) X Morena Leraba (LS)

Thobile Makhoyane X The Hood Brodz

Thobile Makhoyane (SZ) fuses her haunting vocals and traditional musical instruments like the Makhoyane and Sitololo with western musical instruments to create a style of her own: ‘DloziRock’. Her powerful, charismatic stage presence and strong lyrical content captivate as she addresses social issues with the aim to educate, empower and uplift.

The Hood Brodz (MZ) is a DJ/producer duo hailing from Maputo, Mozambique. Ayrton and younger brother Hélio have been working together since 2017, releasing many songs on international labels in South Africa, France, Dubai and Angola, and more, as well as establishing their mark on the Mozambican music landscape.

Sek’sedvute”, meaning ‘it is close” in siSwati, is driven by an irresistible dance beat interlaced with Thobile Mokhoyane’s clear soaring voice. Mozambican Electronic duo Hood Brodz describe it thusly: “This song reveals the dream that we all have inside of us; that one day we can wake up in the middle of accomplishments”

 “A well-produced interplay of Mozambique Electro with Swati spirituality. Ritualistic Afro-tech at its best!” – Nicky Blumenfeld (Nicky B, Kaya FM World Show)

Mokoomba X Morena Leraba

Morena Leraba (LS) is a shepherd from the mountains of Lesotho who fuses his homegrown traditional Famo-inspired vocals with a multitude of genres ranging from Electronic Dance to Hip-Hop, meshing cultures and sounds from far and wide to create a truly unique sonic experience, called “Famo Electro”.

Mokoomba’s (ZW) unique sound blends genres as diverse as Sungura, Reggae, Dancehall, Urban and Afro Jazz with traditional rhythms and contemporary Zimrock. This explosively talented six-man crew has toured over 40 countries on five continents and performed at the world’s most prestigious international festivals and venues.

Chisimo”, means “Riddle” in Luvale (or Chiluvale), one of the Bantu languages found in some regions of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.  Mokoomba and Morena Leraba describe the song as “a musical marriage that then becomes a journey of affirming and discovering similarities/connections within our Bantu languages. In an ever-changing global culture, where colonialism (in Africa and other regions) shaped many of our institutions, it is crucial to safeguard and preserve our indigenous languages, especially when the idea of decolonization is presented.”

Nicky Blumenfeld (Nicky B), from the Kaya FM World Show, had this to say of “Chisimo”: “A truly special encounter between Lesotho and Zimbabwe that echoes across Africa, connecting the continent through a deeply rooted but futuristic interpretation of desert blues. Conceptually, lyrically and melodically, this is a powerful song on so many levels!”