Schools' Festival

The 9th edition of the Schools’ Festival will take place on the 21st to 24th of May 2018. This year the MTN Schools’ festival mandate will focus on Child Social Protection. Child Social Protection aims at promoting stable, interactive relationships to ensure child development. Children will approach those themes through creative performances, workshops, educational seminars.

The MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival was developed to augment formal arts and culture curriculum in public schools by presenting performance and interactive workshops for students and teachers from high schools throughout Swaziland under the tutelage of dramatists, musicians, artists and other creative industry professionals.

The MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival, comprising of two parts, the MTN Bushfire High Schools’ Festival and the Primary Schools’ Festival is supported by MTN Bushfire and the European Union (EU).

This year the MTN Foundation, who has been the title sponsor for the festival since 2009, has donated E390 000 to the MTN Bushfire Schools’ Festival. For years this partnership between the MTN Foundation and MTN Bushfire has contributed to the development of a platform for creative expression which supports the growth of arts education in Swaziland and encourages positive social behaviour change in Swazi youth.

The European Union whose goal is to promote arts and culture in the school curriculum, has been supporting the Primary school festival for three years. This year again, the Primary Schools Festival supported by MTN Bushfire and the European Union will benefit from the EU’s generous support.

We are excited about the continuous growth of this important and inspired festival element and offer a BIG thank you to the Schools Festival sponsors and the Swaziland Ministry of Education for their support in helping us expose Swaziland’s youth to the magic of the arts